Die Wakis Antiques Furniture and Reproductions was established in Pretoria in 1964 and is situated on the corner of Van Heerden st and Voortekkersweg, Capital Park, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.

Die Wakis Antiques Furniture and Reproductions is known for dealing in Georgian furniture, Victorian furniture, Edwardian furniture, 1930 furniture, French antiques, Dutch antiques, Belgium antiques, Eastern European antiques, Cape furniture and antiques, Cottage furniture, Art Deco furniture, Retro furniture, and ball and claw furniture.  This includes antique furniture pieces and reproductions of antiques made out of Stinkwood, Yellow wood / Geelhout, Boekenhout, Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Teakwood, Basswood, Maplewood, Beechwood, Kiaat, Oregon pine / Doughlas Firr ect. Die Wakis also imports and exports globally.
Some of the fine porcelains we have handled through the years:
Royal Doulton, Beswick, Alfred Meakin, Carlton Ware, J&G Meakin, Delft porcelain, Gouda porcelain, Charlott Rhead, Clarice Cliff, Coalport, Copelland, Spode, Cornish Ware, Crown Devon, Dresden, English Porcelain, H&K Tunstall, Hummel, James Kent, Lladro, M. Steiff, Maling, Meissen, Moorcroft, Radford, Royal Albert, Royal Worcester, Scheibe-Alsbach, Shelley, Susie Cooper, Steventon & Sons, Johnson Bros, Noritake, Masons, etc.
At Die Wakis Antiques Furniture and Reproductions you will find antique radios, antique clocks, antique gramophones like Masters voice, Columbia, Gallotone and older, gramophone needles and parts, antique wall and hang lamps, loose shades and lamp spares, chandeliers, large collection of antique silver plated and epns (electroplate nickel silver).  Paintings, prints, telephones, candle holders, antique copper, pewter, bronze and brass War collectables, collectable books, political and historical collectables rail collectables. Collectable toy cars, trains, toys, porcelain dolls, thimbles and many many more items.

This website will also feature some of our reproductions.

Feel free to contact us during office hours for any enquiries Tel / fax: (012) 329-0906  (+27 12 3290906)